エコ・スプリヤント『Cry Jailolo』/"Cry Jailolo" by Eko Supriyanto

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A contemporary interpretation of traditional dance from Jailolo West Halmahera in the North Maluku, Eastern part of Indonesia. "Inspired by Legu Salai dance from the Sahu tribe in Jailolo, West Halmahera. It is an expression of hope and optimism that the destruction of the coral reefs in the ocean of Teluk Jailolo will stop, that the fish will return once again to the coral, and that the silence in the ocean and the soul of water be restored".

エコ・スプリヤント Eko Supriyanto


Eko’s research takes an interest in reinvestigating practice on Javanese dances and contemporary dances: a journey of tradition versus modern, pop culture, film and cross-cultural collaboration. He explores and deeply commits himself to creation of dance vocabularies with his new languages and artistic transformation. With his cross-cultural instincts, deriving from his ethnic origin in Kalimantan/Borneo, where he was born, and his native Magelang folk dance, as well as combining a new translation of the classical/court Javanese dance and many of his interests in Indonesian diverse dances and cultures, he intends to enter a totally new situation and to learn, with his background coming from the traditional values while willing to engage directly with contemporary realities.

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Sun Feb 15, 2015
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